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I have not had every service done here, but for the past three or four years (which is pretty much the life of the car) yes. We had one done elsewhere over the winter when we were out of town. And we had the first one or two done in NY, where we bought the Ridgeline before we moved here (SC).
Well sounds to me they are a old school dealer(especially with the 3k oil change remark) and might not have looked up the service history on your car before recommending some things.
But if you really have proof all the services were performed..then take that proof to the service manager and show them. Nicely, mainly to show him that his employees are not doing there job correctly. Hey, might even get a free oil change out of it.

R04 Value Plus fuel service (whatever that is)- 136.00 <-- this is a fuel induction service. Good to have this done every 60 k in my opinion to keep things from building up in the intake runners and throttle body,valves etc. Especially how ****ty gas is nowadays.

R17 Value plus coolant service, 149.00 <------ It does break down, but do that when you do the timing belt. Im sure you have more "weather" then I do here in california but still.

R49 Brake Fluid Service, 120.00-
Power steering service, 116.00, <-----Both of these can be done by a small mom and pop shop if need to save a few bucks but I think you have more "HUMIDITY" in your area so you are much more subject to moisture intrusion to both of these systems which can do damage.
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