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Well Michael,

FWIW, if you don't mind for future reference update your profile, with YMM, so others don't have to refer to the post and "dig out" that you own a G1, 2013, additionally some form of where you live such as "Left Coast, Big Apple, Dirty South, Mid Atlantic" or ATL, NYC, MVD, OC, if your not comfortable giving up your actual City for reference.

I'll start with the preface of, we don't call 'em "STEALERSHIP's" without reason, on the other hand, overall those are not the worst prices I've ever seen, I can say for a fact my local CA, "STEALERSHIP" would double or more than double almost all those services, except maybe the wipers, I was in during our "exceptionally wet winter" and my dealer had $39.99 "Genuine Honda Wiper blade special" (Up to 3) installed, so although most were getting "ripped off" a few were getting some value, although I still Remember "parts specials" of $4.95 per genuine Honda wiper blade, my wife's 2015 Fit, IIRC, the 3 wipers were like $7, $9 & $10, online, although if drove to a dealer about an hr away I could get them for $6.95 each.

I can go thru the entire list & also provide parts break down (price wise with some current pricing) and even rank in either priority or difficulty your entire list if you would like. But quickly, any basic Brake job is not going to include a brake fluid change, they are either separate or an add-on, so unless you recently requested it as apart of your recent brake service, highly doubt it was done. Brake fluid is hydroscopic and honestly depending on environment (because the system is not sealed) I've seen reference to 2-5 yrs, with Honda owners manuals recommending 3 yrs , since about 2005. I've had brake calipers "freeze" and rust & internal corrosion were the problem.

Transfer Case & VTM fluid changes are recommended at 30k, after initial service at 30k & 15k service, initially and only exist on the Pilot & Ridgeline, since they are the only Honda's with "full time" AWD, I'm certain their cost isn't included in 30k service intervals, as I can only imagine a Civic or Accord owner paying for those. I believe the simplicity of both keeps the cost/profit near the same and and the service should fall about 15k apart
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