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Shallow mount subwoofers

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Has anyone installed shallow mount sub's in there ridge line..what are the pros and cons if any
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I did the stealth box 13 enclosed spoundstream for like $300-350 with amp and wire...self installed. It's behind the seat so there's no lost storage or exposed equipment to allure theft. I get enough sound from it to enjoy full range of music , especially being a 13" driver it hits some lows.
Hey so you fit a 13 behind the seats? Can you please hit me up with some more details? Do you have any pictures? I can't see how it's possible, but i'd like to do that. Thank you!
Thanks! it's nice to know that a 13 inch can fit up to almost 3 inches depth at the top back there. I was hoping to install a TW5. What did you build your enclosure out of, wood or fiberglass?
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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