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Sirius XM Updated?

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The other day, my SXM just stopped mid song and when I looked at the screen, it said "Software Update Applied" and I had to touch the 'OK' button. When the screen came back on for SXM audio, the format was completely different and now (about 50-60% of the time) a colored album cover comes up on the screen, whereas all I got before in that spot was the SXM logo.

Anyone else experience this? I googled for any information on an update and just found a bunch of individual firmware updates; however, nothing specific to what I saw happen. We have SXM in the wife's car ('17 Acura RDX) and she said nothing happened to her vehicle's SXM that she knows (although she does have that two-screen setup versus the single 8" in the RL).

Certainly not complaining....just curious.
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The RDX uses Gracenotes (which you can update) to display album art for any CDs or MP3 music you may be playing, unfortunately it doesn't use the software for the radio (satellite or FM). If you recall the Tacoma also used Gracenotes for everything including the radio, sometimes it would display the wrong artwork.
Looks like the RL update is now expanding the artwork to the radio as well.
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