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I noticed yesterday that my driver window was slow to close. It had also retracted down while on the way up at on point. I had read that it could use some oiling as a possible solution. How do I oil the track? I was hoping I would not have to take apart the door. Thanks for any help.
You can use DOT 4 brake fluid (silicone) or photocopier silicone on a paint brush or use a diabetic's syringe (tiny dose) and either 'paint' the backside of the track (risky) or just put the window up a couple inches and put the lube where the top edge of the glass touches the back of the track. The meniscus of lube will then be drawn down. Raise the window another few inches and repeat. I should have taken a picture. :act002:

Rain may eventually wash it out, and rain certainly makes the symptoms worse.

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