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SmokyMtnRidger's Ridgeline is Here!

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Hi Everyone. After a very long wait (a story for another time) our Ridgeline arrived last Wednesday evening and we picked it up Thursday evening. We are thrilled! We are having so much fun with it, watching people stare and showing it off. With the Accord, we feel like our car family is complete. I am so pleased to have graduated out of our Odyssey. (It served us well, but I am happy to have moved on.). We are going to have the front side windows tinted on Wednesday when we get the Xzilon treatment put on.

I am going to attach some pics. Thank you again to everyone here for all of your tips; it served us well during the buying process.


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Congratulations! Great color. I never was big on the gold emblems but it looks great on your ridge. Enjoy. :D
Looks great girlfriend. Now drive that beauty on up to Cleveland next month and show her off in person. :)
Congrats!!! :p
awsome!! hopw you enjoy it as I do mine in black
She's a beauty. Enjoy!
justdeefire said:
Congratulations! Great color. I never was big on the gold emblems but it looks great on your ridge. Enjoy. :D
Welcome to the joy of ownership of the Ridgeline! You will constantly be amazed how great this truck is. So enjoy it while you can. I like the gold emblems. Kinda rearrange mine a bit.


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NICE LOOKIN' Truck! SmokyMtnRidger.
Great color choice! Nice looking truck.
Great looking truck! Love the gold badging and the pin stripe.

I got to get that bed extender!

Remember, ladyridge's fisrt COLOR choice was Black. ;) Oh no I better shut up! How do you Edit this? :)
SmokyMtnRidger, Welcome! The best things in life are worth the wait. I think the ivory leather would have looked great with our nighthawk black pearl trucks, don't you? Enjoy the ride. :D
Nice ride. Glad to know I will have some company on the Tennessee highways. Maybe I will run into you in the mountains this month, getting close to fall foliage time. The Ridgeline really handles well in the mountains. We are going to give the Blue Ridge a try later this month.
Thanks all for the warm comments. Here is a front view of our Ridgeline and a photo of our 3 Honda's (we are a Honda commercial like many of you) and a few of our new Accord also. Thanks for letting me show off.


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Wow! That new '06 Accord looks really nice, too! That could be our next car! Thanks for showing it.
Hello and Welcome to the ROC! :) Keep it clean man! :D
Very nice! Like the triple garage photo. Any reason the Ridge is parked in the middle?
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