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I meant to start a thread this week about my experience, but the photos of the trip meter were no good. So no "proof".

Drove 217 miles 1 way - tonneau cover on, avg 55 - 65MPH, mostly 4 lane hwy. Got 21.9mpg.
Picked up a Pepsi cooler/fridge, layed it down on it's back and drove home. Got 22.3mpg on the way back! Don't ask.. I don't understand why. Fridge must have been really aerodynamic!

Running on super, oversized tires and 2" lift. Manual calculation confirmed the trip meter was spot on. (With the new tires, the speedo is actually almost perfect now).

Filled up with regular, back to old routine - 60% hwy, 40% mix city and country roads = 19mpg. Will try premium again :)
I think with the large tires, it makes a big difference.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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