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I would think you could sell your Taco locally or on Craigslist pretty quickly. They are a very popular truck that is #1 in holding resale value. Like the Ridgeline, there are many who prefer Gen2 as much as the Gen2.5.

When I was helping get my brother look for used trucks a couple years ago, Tacos were hard to come by, and high-priced for the good ones. There is a demand for them. Especially those who are unaware of the Ridgeline (you may want to sell in the next few weeks before word gets out - ha!).
Oh it's for sale on Craigslist. And I had all the same preconceptions that you espoused. But in my neck of the woods, the Northeast, for reasons I'm still not quite clear on, the Tacoma's street value is not keeping pace with KBB values. Not even close. My local Honda dealer appraised my vehicle $2.5K below the bottom end of KBB's dealer trade-in range. It should be noted that my 2013 Tacoma has 6000 miles on it and looks brand-new. It's also not missing anything; it's got all the highly desirable features. The same is true in the private sale price range. There also appears to be something of a backlog of Tacomas sitting on dealer lots and in private-sale driveways. The Tacoma's vaunted resale value is failing me for the moment. I'm really not sure what's up.
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