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I had a few questions regarding some minor issues I've been having with my RL. I have a 2009 RTS with about 136,000 miles and haven't had any problems up until now. Even now they are relatively minor.

I just had my timing belt replaced (yes at 136,000 miles :)), water pump, etc. and noticed that after the replacement there's a slight whirring sound under acceleration. They also replaced serpentine belt, so figured maybe it's the new belt slightly tighter?

I also have an issue with a rattling or clicking under heavy acceleration at all rpm's. I've checked for anything loose in the intake, airbox screws, heat shields (found missing screw in rear heat shield) but noise was still there.

Recently I put on Goodyear Futera tires due to cupping in the rear and found a leak in my rear right strut, will be replacing the entire shock assemblies in the rear soon (OEM parts). My question is the dealer overinflated the tires to around 45psi, and that with the strut leaking the handling was horrible, especially over bumps on the freeway. I checked the sway bar links and all seems good, nothing loose. Is there anything else I should look for when replacing the shock assemblies? Thx!!
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