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I also liked my former RL, but ... there are areas that (for certain people) aren't met with "a toy truck". For many Bigger is Better, that's important to them. That's why there are so many options.

My current "Bigger is Better" certainly lags the RL in some areas, but it also improves on it in other areas. The fact that I can see over most other vehicles ahead of me is a great improvement, while pulling a load the RL couldn't handle. And my dogs have more room in the rear seat of this current buggy. Plus! there are grins to be had with a 400 HP/ 800 ft. lbs torque diesel.

Lastly, my initial response to the original RL was "its ugly" (but it grew on me); I had the same thought with the new RL. I never felt that way about full sized trucks.

To each his own.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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