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Spark plugs and timing belts

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I bought a 2006 when they first came out! Will never own any other kind of truck and I owned them all til I bought this Ridgeline. My question is this: I have 76000 miles on it and the dealer is telling me I need new plugs and timing belt to the tune of a bit over $1200 !! I have been faithful with all my maintenance til now. Any thoughts, stories or opinions???
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There are differing opinions on this very subject. I also own a '06. When it came up on 65 thousand miles, I decided that the timing belt, etc. should be done (just because of AGE). This is an "interference" engine. If the timing belt breaks, the engine could be destroyed (valves contact pistons!).

I now have almost 79 thousand miles on it, but I didn't do the spark plugs. I didn't do the valve adjustment either (the owner's manual says to do that only if they are noisy). This engine purrs like a kitten.

The best thing you can do is to make sure your fluids are up to date (DW1 in the transmission, hypoid gear oil in the transfer assembly, VTM4 in the rear differential, brake fluid flushed and replaced if it hasn't been done in the last three years).

If you towed with this vehicle you should replace the timing belt at 60k. If you didn't tow a lot with this vehicle you should still replace the timing belt at 60k because of age (my opinion).

I had my tires rotated today and I discovered the boots on the front axles are starting to leak a bit of grease. There is no "clicking" yet, so I will keep enjoying this (almost) twelve year old truck, and continue to maintain it.

So, IMO, change the timing belt and associated parts (water pump). I would also suggest replacing the serpentine belt (just because of age).
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I got conned into changing plugs around 70,000 miles. I said OK and let the dealer do it. This is a job I would normally do myself but I figured how expensive could it be? Turns out the plugs were perfect and they banged me for 325.00. I flipped. At least Jessie James had a gun when he stuck you up
I did my Timing Belt at 75k, and 123 Months (10yr-3mo) figured it had done it's job. I've lost a Timing Belt on an Interference Engine, Got like $200 for the vehicle. I'm holding off on the Plugs until at least 100k (at 88k now) and will probably do the Valves then. Primarily because I've pulled and inspected the front bank a few times and the rear bank once and then re-torqued to 13 ft lbs, they looked fine. As for the Valves the findings so far is that they "Get Tight" on this V6, and therefore will make no noise.

If your willing to gamble, sure you could wait until your at 105k for the timing belt, but at your current rate of miles per year, that could be 17-18yrs. But your gambling with $3500-$5000 depending on quality of sourced V6, Junk Yard Pull or Fully Rebuilt, Plus installation labor. I had also recently replaced my own Radiator and Upper and Lower Hoses, and Transmission hoses which connect to the radiator. Next I'm going to replace the Heater Hoses, and a remaining transmission hose which I haven't touched yet.

Since you have no profile information, We have no idea where your at, but Anderson Honda, Near Baltimore, MD has this special available. I paid just under $1000, and did the cam seals and crank seal at the same time (they are under the timing belt).

If it was me, I'd skip the Plugs and find out how much to replace the Radiator with the new DENSO, that can be sourced from Honda (a member posted some pictures of one they sourced from a dealer) because it's the newer design.

Here are most of the related Radiator and Transmission threads if you haven't found them all.

Happy Reading & Good luck

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I appreciate all of the replies so far! I live out in the boonies and all anyone drives around here are big Chevy, Dodge and Ford trucks. They call my Ridgeline a metrosexual vehicle even though I have pulled some of their trucks out when they have gotten stuck! HA!
I'm probably going to sit tight for now and not do anything. This vehicle has always been garaged and never done anything more than tow my small fishing boat down to the river.
I understand about age and the timing belt. I will do more research!
Welcome to the ROC & Continued good luck with your G1!
Just turned 92k on my 07, still haven't done the timing belt, just waiting for a coupon from my dealer to lower the price a little, as it stands now I'm looking at $1100.00, this includes the timing belt, water pump, tensioner, serpentine belt and spark plugs. It needs to be done and I guess this is the best time to do it.
Just as a FYI. This belt has 54k on it but is 11 yrs old.(not a honda) A family friend of mine bought a car for their daughter with super low mileage from a friends grandma for $1000. I said be prepared to spend another $1000 replacing all the rubber.


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replacing the belts on the ridgelines are that expensive?
replacing the belts on the ridgelines are that expensive?
The timing belt is. Not the drive belts
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