Cleaning out the garage and found parts from past projects that never happened. I was hoping to find someone who may want all of this, otherwise the cost of separate shipping just doesn't seem to make sense:

HSB524 - American International speaker adapters and screws (2 packs for both front and rear)
72-7800 - Metra Honda speaker harnesses (2 packs for both front and rear)
70-1729 - Metra Honda 2008-up speaker wire harness (2 packs - not sure what I was thinking, maybe there are multiple-colored wires and it helps to have two of these?)
40-HD11 - Metra Honda 2009-up antenna cable adaptor

Black "Ridgeline" emblem (I only used the "H" from the kit and decided not to put the letters back on the tailgate)

Interior courtesy light harnesses that allow you to tap into the OEM connection and run two different light setups that will both come on and dim with the courtesy lights. I bought these when I installed courtesy lights near my running boards and I was planning on adding extra floorboards lights inside as well. There are two of them (driver and passenger) and the OEM part number is 08E12-TG7-10030.