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Hi, I recently installed a Pioneer 4100NEX headunit in my 06 Ridgeline (RTL, no nav, no sub). Was watching a video on how to replace the speakers in the doors and it didn't look too bad, so thought I'd take a crack at that as well. (I like to tinker and learn new things as I go)

The video showed putting in Polk DB651s speakers using a SAHR6 mount...which seemed fine to me. But since my headunit is only powered to 14 RMS watt from what I was reading sounded like I needed an amp too. This is where it started to sound tricky to me. I know nothing about car speakers/amps/wiring, so wasn't sure what amp to get (2 channel, 4 channel, etc..), and some posts seemed to talk about needing to hook it up to the car battery? And then where do you put the amp? Does it just get tucked in behind the headunit somewhere?

Lastly, what about the wiring and the tweeters in the corner of the dash? Do they have their own wires, or are they somehow split with the front door speakers (read something about crossover? really confused me). If I should replace the tweeters which ones should I order and what parts do I need to install?

I'm a married man in my 30's not looking to setup some huge system and rock the neighborhood...just want something that sounds nice and a step up from the stock. Sure would appreciate any advice, suggestions on pieces to buy and how to wire stuff. Thanks for the help! -Brian

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Tons of info on various installs on this forum including lots of photos.

You can also look at for various components. They are well known for great customer support plus free adapters and good instructions.
They are knowledgeable about their systems and how to install them in a variety of vehicles.

The stock tweeters have a small cap attached to them, that's the 'crossover'. Yes, the wiring is an extension of the door drivers.
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