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Spray paint for seats

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I need to do a small touch up on my driver seat, very small area that is showing a tannish color, my seats are med grey...has anyone used a dye/paint to do this kine of touch up ? There are some suppliers out there but very hard to match their color charts with my color...
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It would be worth finding a auto upholstery shop and have them dye it. It shouldn't cost much and they should have a better eye to matching the color
Spray vinyl dye, man that brings back memories! When I was in high school, the bench seat in my Chevy Luv pickup was looking really bad, so I bought a pair of blue bucket seats for $50 at a junk yard and used vinyl dye in a spray can to dye them black and had a buddy fabricate some seat brackets. The dye actually held up surprising well and only needed occasional touchups.

I'd really recommend having a pro take care of your seats, the likelihood of getting just the right shade of grey in any over the counter product is a million to one.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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