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Static/interference with climate control

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This is my first non-introduction post, so go easy on me. :grin:

My 2017 RTL-E makes static/interference when the climate control fan is set at 1 or 2 bars. It plays over the speakers, bzzzrrrttt..... I can turn the sound on and off by either increasing the fan speed to 3, or turning the climate control off. It also seems to get quitter when the truck is driven, but it remains nonetheless.

My guess is that there are some unshielded wires next to the power to the fan....

Does anyone else's truck do this?
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Just from audio experience it sounds like a bad ground somewhere. Take it in and have them track it down while your under warranty.
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Just dropped it off at the dealer today, the tech thought he'd have to call Honda for ideas on how to fix it. I'll report back later

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Supposedly it is a known issue and they have a new harness coming out to fix this...the unfortunate thing is, replacing the harness means going into the dash....your dealer should know about this, or they will be able to check with Honda and find it.
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Yes, so after waiting for the new harness to arrive, and be installed, the static is gone, and there are no dashboard rattles. Unfortunately, went to fill it, and electric gas tank release doesn't work. There is a manual backup behind a small panel in rear of cabin aside the seat. I hope they don't have to remove the dash again ☹️

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