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Steering wheel Feels soft(sensitive)

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Hi Guys
I have just bought 2008 RL RTL w74K on it. It is very nice car and I love it but how do I put it. The Steering wheel feels rather soft (sensitive) and more susceptible to uneven road not so much bumps if you know what I mean .
Going over potholes won't move the Steering wheel but there are some things like uneven road that could move the Steering wheel by 0.5 to 1" .
We have two more hondas (Accord 08 & insight 10). Both of those cars Steering wheel Feels solid and won't move unless I'm going over Railway Crossing.
Today I have test drive 2014 RL at the dealer and I had the same impression (maybe little less than my RL but still) the Steering wheel Felt little soft maybe sensitive I would say.
So my question is this is it normal? For the accord to be more on the sports site and the RL being truck ? Or is there something wrong ? The Dealer did alignment and did balance the wheels.
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This type of question is tough to answer because it is based on "feel" which is different for each person. We must assume the dealer checked your steering tie rods when they did the alignment as well as noting condition of bushings etc.

I would say if you felt like the 2014 you drove was similar, then yours is probably normal or in other words, nothing is seriously wrong. Your truck being a 2008 it is likely it has has wear in the suspension that will loosen things up.

Tires can be a huge factor. If your tires are something other than the factory Michelins that might something to consider. Also tire pressure being low will give the feel you describe. With cooler weather it is easy for tires to get low to the point of affecting handling. One or more bad shocks can contribute also.

I have noticed that on certain roads that have become rutted, usually those that are used often by big heavy trucks, the RL and for that matter any car, will try to track in the ruts. This often causes the feel you describe. Try taking some different routes to see if your feel changes.

I would have the steering linkage checked from the column all the way down to the rack to check for loose connections. Can you move the steering wheel (truck running but parked) 0.5 to 1 inch without any front tire movement?

Lastly, it would not be appropriate to compare the RL to an Accord or Insight. Both are much smaller lighter vehicles and have lower center of gravity. For a truck the RL handles pretty well...but as a sports car...not so much.
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I see, thank you for your answer. Yes it is pretty cold in Chicago now 0 to -10F
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