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Stereo upgrade for $300! Intellidash+ 7" upgrade!

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Since purchasing my '13 RTL, one of the things I have been researching on almost a weekly basis is upgrading the OEM double-din head unit. For RTL owners with this unit (including Navigation and 6-disk CD-changer), and who have either made the change or looking to upgrade like I was, this is no small expense... A true in-dash aftermarket head unit can run inexpensive to crazy expensive (i.e., around $300-$900) and this doesn't even include the additional parts (or labor) needed to complete the upgrade. Through my personal research, in order to do a "clean" upgrade, it was going to run me literally between $1,500 - $2,000.

For the record, I am NOT both comfortable in doing a DIY project like this! If you are, then this post/thread may not apply to you. I also typically DO NOT like to modify my interior too much from the original. I also do like the functionality of the 6-disc CD changer. I get it that's not for everyone...

However, if you ARE looking to get upgraded functionality at a FRACTION of the cost of doing the aforementioned, I highly recommend the "Car and Driver Intellidash +"!

It's also important to note that I am typically not one who likes my cars with a bunch of items that can be both distracting and cluttered on the dash/console! I was also very skeptical before purchasing this unit but I figured the following:

A: Purchased from Costco (which with this model is $100 less than ever other online retailer). It is the "Intellidash+" model but it is advertised as just the "Intellidash" model on the website.
B: I can always return it with no stress if it doesn't work out.
C: For the $$ and functionality, it literally cannot be beat!
D: I also noticed that the sound quality coming from this unit (connected via AUX chord) is significantly better than just through my phone (Samsung)! I think it may be because the unit has additional power?
E: The unit does charge my phone when connected so you don't have to worry about an additional charging chord!
F: I'm in no way being compensated for this product. I did a lot of YT research before making the purchase.

I've included some photos with this post. I am purchasing (2) 90 degree cables so the appearance is a bit cleaner (not shown in photos).

Anyway, I though I'd share since I'm guessing someone out there may be in the same situation I was in.
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I'm in the same predicament with my 2013 RTL w/ Nav. I just don't think I'd want all the extra cables and stuff running around. You can get a decent head unit from Crutchfield with backup camera for under $500 with the only sacrifice being the factory sub. Install will be a lot cleaner when its done and popping open the dash is actually a piece of cake. But your solution would be a very easy implementation, for sure.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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