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My 2011 RTL's stock door speakers and dash tweeters have all been upgraded to Infinity Kappas, and I wanted to swap out the sub as well. But, the rear seats seemed daunting, and most posters were saying it wouldn't be worthwhile. I've installed many full systems with amplifiers since the 1980's, but first I was going to see if this would get good results and not take back space away from my German Shepherd.
I purchased a dual 4 ohm voice coils MB Quart Discus DS1-204. It works best in sealed enclosures so I removed the port, just 2 screws inside box and 4 outside holding the plastic port in, and sealed it with some 3/8" MDF and the original port's gasket underneath. I dremeled some plastic back on 2 of the mounting brackets so the new woofer would sit flush, and had to drill four new mounting holes in the solid plastic brackets, then used the original speaker's screws to finish installing it. I wired the MB Quart's voice coils in parallel, which when I double checked it
at the plug out side the box it was exactly a 2 ohm load (nominal). The original cheap made in China woofer was supposed to be 2.5 ohms but the multimeter could not get a steady reading on the piece of trash. It steadied down after a while but still bounced quickly from 2.1 to 2.8 ohms... anyway. To finish this off there was a screw that went through the back of the box into the back of the original speaker. I just found a short, fat machine screw and washer and plugged the hole.
Now the results. My factory headunit did not explode. I've been running it hard for a little over a day, very hard. The sound is noticeably much better. I was hoping for a little improvement, I got more than a little. I can't compress the video of the sub working in the truck it won't compress small enough, or I don't have those privileges yet. The sound goes much deeper, not like a set of 10"s or 12"s but a lot deeper, it doesn't get muddy, clip, or distort when working hard. It is much more musical being a sealed enclosure. It doesn't have 1 narrow frequency range that hits hard (resonant frequency) and much less above and below. It plays rock, r&b, metal, classical, jazz all very well.
1 problem, I now have some rattles in my cab when jamming out. Before I could crank it up and I could tell the stock system had a small sub in the back. But now that small sub is really cranking out the bass for 1 tiny little 8". Spent just over $50 for the sub, a couple of hours in 80F Washington "heat". And I'm very pleased with the result.
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