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- For my truck at least, "babying" it and trying to drive soft for higher mileage does not work at all. Taking it easy results in a consistent 2 mpg penalty, have never figured out why. Driving it with spirit gives the best results, I have my foot in the VTEC just about every day.
I think there is something to that. It seems to favor getting up to the next higher gear sooner, within reason.
May have to do with the lackluster torque when starting out, drag it out too long and you are just staying in gear longer and not covering much ground.
Driving it more spirited seems to help as long as I don't drive like I am going to a fire.

I generally start off quick from a start based on where other cars are in relation to me. Seems like that's too fast, but it feels right so I don't think much about it.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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