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Mine is a 2012, 52K miles with the majority being a mix of about 75% highway 25% urban traffic. Lifetime average is 18.9 mpg, all hand calculated. For highway driving with no stop and go traffic, average is 20.5 with typical speeds of 75+ mph on Texas interstates. Best I have seen is 23 mpg on a few trips where I was on roads with lower speed limits (65 max).

- My truck's computer display of average mpg is consistently too optimistic (4% higher than the real number). The more stop-and-go involved, the worse the computer accuracy gets. On long highway trips where speed is pretty consistent the computer will be very accurate, same as hand calculated.

- Check tire pressure, I try to keep mine around 35 psi. I still have the stock Michelins, they haven't worn much at all and still look pretty much brand new.

- I always drive with the tailgate up.

- Stop and go traffic and idling lower the mileage VERY quickly.

- For my truck at least, "babying" it and trying to drive soft for higher mileage does not work at all. Taking it easy results in a consistent 2 mpg penalty, have never figured out why. Driving it with spirit gives the best results, I have my foot in the VTEC just about every day.

- One thing I do which I had not noticed until a friend pointed it out, is that when I am approaching a red light or turn from a distance, I often use the D3 button to slow down. I am manual transmission guy and have spent most of my life driving stick shifts, and I guess habit led me to use D3 that way. I experimented several tanks, and surprisingly mileage is consistently 1-2 mpg worse if I do not use D3 that way.

- I use cruise occasionally, don't see much difference in mpg.

- Mileage is worse in cold weather

- Mileage is worse in very hot weather when the A/C is working hard

- I use premium gas because I like the extra 10 hp, experiments with lower octane show about a 1 mpg improvement from the higher octane. Doesn't make sense to use it $$ wise, but I drive my truck with spirit and figure it is a cheap performance boost. Works for me.

- Truck is all stock, no cold air intakes or anything. All maintenance done by the Honda dealer with the specified fluids and lubes.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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