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I've had lots of "department store" sunglasses over the decades and a few pairs of "designer" brands. Typically, my pattern is: I'll get tired of replacing cheap ones that don't last long then buy a pair of nice ones that I'll eventually lose or break. I'm hesitant to spend big bucks again, so I'll go back to cheap ones and the cycle repeats. Being the tight wad that I am, it really pains me to spend so much on a sunglasses, but the more expensive ones really do fit better and last longer. I just finished a run of cheap ones, so I set out looking for a pair of white Oakleys. A couple of things I look for in sunglasses: 1) A molded-in nose piece as opposed to the adjustable/replaceable nose pads which tend to be a weak spot for me and 2) non-polarized lenses that don't darken LCD displays. Ironically, the Oakley Ridgeline is exactly the style I was looking for! I've found that the G2's sunglasses holder isn't as accommodating at the G1's.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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