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Tacoma @ Auto Show

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Man, did they miss the mark with the front end, style-wise. To me that is BUTT ugly. I liked the old ones pretty much.... this just looks more like TOY than TOYOTA. 'Trying too hard for the "manly" look. I'm sure others might like it.

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I actually think it looks decent. I did not like the redesign in 2005, but it grew on me.

That color, however... I just don't see anyone telling their dealer, "I'll take the Tacoma - make mine french vanilla!"
I like it... I like the old style better, but this is good. Sorta like the F150... new one's good, old one's better.
It'll do well enough that a potential buyer can worry more about function than form. My initial reaction to the Ridgeline was worse.
Front kind of looks like the 4 runner now. There's two of them at my work & they look good in person.
Yeah I don't like it. It looks like that was the main focus because everything else basically looks the same.
Looks to me like a Grouper mouth taking in water.:act024:

... imagination run amuk........

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It reminds me of this truck

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I like the Tacoma till I sit in one. I'd miss the roominess of the Ridge!
It reminds me of this truck

Wow.... what a blast from the past... Studebakers were unique! That truck looked just like the Lark from the front.

.... and Yeah!... it does bear a significant resemblance to the new Taco face.
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