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Tailgate Bed Extender, DIY or Buy One?

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I've been looking for a tailgate bed extender for about 6 months and can't find anything made for the Ridgeline used and new is too expensive. I've been thinking about building my own from steel tube but it wouldn't be up to par as a new one. Has anyone ever built one before for the Ridgeline?

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My only thought is could the one for the Sport Trac or some other vehicle that had one be cut down, stretched out(the bend angle) or modified in some other way.

Just a thought
I've consider that. I looked at one made for a 2002 to 03 quad cab F150. It was too tall for the ridgeline, it stuck up like 6" past the tailgate when stored, looked goofy. If I could find one that would need slight work to fit I'd buy it but the used market in Nova Scotia sucks.
You could see how one from a Nissan Frontier might fit.
Pasty64, they do come up on Kijiji here in the GTA. I have seen several of the standard extenders come up & was fortunate to find one of the motorcycle version. I had to buy the bed mounts, Toyota use the same brackets and they were cheaper than Honda. The mounting holes are pretapped in the bed to accept these. I was looking at modifying my extender left over from my F150 when I found the Honda unit. You may want to see if a Toyota extender may be closer to a fit with some modifications.
I watch Kijiji all the time but not in the GTA. I was hoping to to find one local to pick it up and avoid the shipping. Plus I've never been comfortable buying something and not seeing before paying.
Just bought my first Ridgeline. It came with a bed extender that I don't need.
It is on Kijiji in GTA if interested.
Just signed up and saw this thread. I have one that I don't need. GTA area, Canada.
Unfortunately the OP has since sold his RL after only 11 months. The story is HERE.

Good Luck
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