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Tailgate Service Bulletin Update

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Service Bulletin

2005 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. – All Rights Reserved ATB 29012-29234
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CUSTOMER INFORMATION: The information in this bulletin is intended for use only by skilled technicians who have the proper tools, equipment,
and training to correctly and safely maintain your vehicle. These procedures should not be attempted by “do-it-yourselfers,” and you should not assume
this bulletin applies to your vehicle, or that your vehicle has the condition described. To determine whether this information applies, contact an
authorized Honda automobile dealer.
June 3, 2005
05-015Applies To: 2006 Ridgeline – ALL
Tailgate Is Hard to Open in Drop Mode
(Supersedes 05-015, dated April 1, 2005, to update the information marked with the black bar)
The tailgate sticks when you pull the upper handle to
open the tailgate in drop mode.
The left body-side striker/hinge is out of adjustment.
Adjust the left body-side striker/hinge.
In warranty: The normal warranty applies.
Operation Number: 823307
Flat Rate Time: 0.3 hour
Failed Part: P/N 68210-SJC-A01
H/C 7930753
Defect Code: 07406
Symptom Code: 03220
Template ID: 05-015A
Skill Level: Repair Technician
Out of warranty: Any repair performed after warranty
expiration may be eligible for goodwill consideration by
the District Parts and Service Manager or your Zone
Office. You must request consideration, and get a
decision, before starting work.
1. Open the tailgate with the upper handle (drop
2. Using a Torx T-50 bit and ratchet, remove the bolt
that holds the tailgate support cable to the tailgate.
Place the cable end out of the way inside the bed
NOTE: With the support cable disconnected, the
tailgate is not supported in drop mode.
3. Hold the tailgate up. Using a Torx T-50 bit and
ratchet, loosen one of the left body-side striker/
hinge bolts, then retighten it finger-tight. Repeat
this again for the other two bolts, one at a time.
4. While holding the upper handle in the open
position, close and open the tailgate hard three
5. Close and latch the tailgate, then reopen it, noting if
the tailgate sticks:
• If the sticking is reduced or eliminated, go to
step 6.
• If the sticking has not improved, repeat steps 3
and 4 with the bolts slightly loosened.
6. Starting with the middle bolt, torque the three striker
bolts to 40 N.m (30 lb-ft).
7. Reinstall the support cable and bolt, and torque the
bolt to 30 N.m (22 lb-ft).
8. Recheck the tailgate drop mode operation.
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by all means let us know if you see a service bulletin on the 07's with the tailgate in the sideways mode.

great thread and very thorough. thanks so much.
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