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I kinda' like our piston engines..... pretty refined by now.

But I'd really like to see an elegant turbine fuel burner, tied to a yet-to-be-had new technology that efficiently converts the surplus heat to electricity; and then run go electric from there.

I mean, why would you not want to have your generating plant on board? "Home charged" batteries seem to me to be an unnecessary "middle-man". I know there are all kinds of practical arguments against this presently, but me thinks the diesel electric train engines are a pretty good concept to start from. Call me old fashioned.

If/when solar or hydrogen conversion (or even fusion) power become realistic, then I'm all for those newer approaches. I just never thought carrying around several hundred pounds of batteries was a very sophisticated advance away from our internal combustion piston engines. My perspective anyway....
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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