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Tesla Model 3

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It was just introduced last night by Elon Musk, and the specs look like he's hit the sweet spot.

215 miles of range, with Supercharger compatibility so you can take long trips and commute in it.

The dash board is very clean and smooth, and dominated by a large LCD panel.

Honestly, it looks like a movie prop if they were to make "Demolition Man 2", because it's lines are so smooth and uninterrupted.

By the end of the evening, they had 115,000 pre-orders at $1000 each. I hope they can make that many in a year.

The Tesla Model 3 arrives with 215 miles of range for $35,000

Chip H.
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But what is the name sake?..... Would that be Bolt the dog, or Bolt the Olympic runner? :)

Time will tell...
A bolt of lightning, perhaps.
I actually think they should have swapped the "Volt" name over for the new EV, and then reused the Nomad name for the hybrid.

Chip H.
I for one appreciate some usa made efforts by tesla, but am really sick of all the tax subsidies. Yes i get the gm volt thing, but tesla no different. They initially wanted to make in detroit and had many auto engineers working on truly green innovative ideas, like zero voc paint etc..then they just get more money for the old nummi plant old technology wrapped in marketing bs.
They own solar panel company too..all from china..oh and will build a huge plant in ny..oh ya whos paying..upfront taxes?? You got it..really? Another solar panels plant?? How many have we closed??
They also get the carbon credits, as they are the pretty sick of it..ya cool cars but hate the marketing that working people paid for..
And after a decade in business even after all the subsidies...never turned a profit...

Elon Musk's growing empire is fueled by $4.9 billion in government subsidies - LA Times
Not to defend the subsidies, but car making is a capitol-intensive business. Just to produce your first car off the assembly line, it's several hundred million dollars up front. All for a couple of thousand in profit per car (for a luxury car, less for an economy car)...

Tesla got super lucky in acquiring the NUMMI plant. Not only did they get the manufacturing space they needed at a discount price, they got the stamping press and paint shop that Toyota & GM left behind, and that saved them tens of millions.

The other thing to remember about the subsidies (currently $7500 to the buyer) is there's a cap of 200,000 per manufacturer per year. So if the Model 3 is a big seller, some of those Model S and Model X buyers may find they aren't going to get one. Oh, the agony of not getting $7500 back on your $100k purchase!

Chip H.
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Those who get the 3 for 27,500 are getting a good deal.
by the time the model 3 starts hitting buyer's garages there will be very few tax credits left to be used under the Tesla brand. Model 3 deliveries are still a ways away and the Model S and X are both still being sold taking up a large portion of that 200,000 pool.
Is the Tesla 3 assembly plant the old GM Camaro facility that closed in 1982 then opened in 1984 as joint venture of GM and Toyota?

I've seen a couple of Tesla vehicles in my area. No dealerships though.
Yes, it's the old NUMMI joint-venture facility.

They're really cleaned it up - the inside is now bright white, filled with red assembly robots.

Chip H.
My first car after I moved to the US was an 87 Chevy Nova built at that plant. Rebadged Corolla.
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