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test drive 2017

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man I took one for test drive and it drives better than the 09 and 14. Wow. I have a 16 Diesel Colorado and it has 21k miles on it in 7 months and it has been great but man this did handle and drive well. Looks with a roof rack is growing on me. First I thought I couldn't stand the looks but with rack they are growing on me. Real big interior for exterior size,
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And that Diesel Colorado 2.8 engine is a very noisy unit. And on my test drive I wasn't impressed with the on highway power. You really had to push it to make it go (get the turbo spooling).

Steve M
I like my Diesel Colorado and have very little turbo lag and more than enough power and torque. Much better than gas engine and much smoother. It is noisier than the Ridgeline no question. it also rides good but the ridgeline being more crossover rides smoother for sure. Interior other than no control knobs on radio and stuff the ridgeline is the bomb!! Love it. Of course I had the 09 and love the in bed truck and sunroof and power sliding rear window and bed itself. Again looks are growing on me on it and wife hates the look of new one but I think with roof rack it looks ok and I am liking it. With not towing more than 4k ever it is more than enough. I am seriously thinking I will get one as my next truck. I think ill go get trade value on if I order one loaded which came to $45300 with accessories the way id want mine. See what they say and maybe order one if it looks good and set up timing to deliver come Feb or Mar. I think after you drove the diesel on hyw daily you would find it has great power no issues. But the ridgeline is fantastic compared to gas colorado
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well I went back today and test drove 20 miles hyw and city on good and bad roads to compare. After test drive I took my truck on exact same route and as good as my truck is and I think it is real good and pretty smooth riding. The Ridgeline is just so much smoother and better handling on the road. Again my Colorado diesel is great in my opinion but this is for sure a better ride and comfort. If you don't need real off road or towing this is a good choice.
Motor Trend review of the Colorado diesel.

I agree with their comments about highway passing. It is extremely noticeable on the Colorado diesel.

2016 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Diesel Review - Long-Term Update 2

Steve M
just ordered my new RTL E this morning and now the wait till next year.
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