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test drove a Mercedes today

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My wife is looking to replace her RSX-S, so we've got a list of cars to drive.

MB C-class, maybe E class
BMW 3 series, maybe 5
Acura TSX
Acura TL
Acura RL (I want this, but she doesn't, no manual gear box is the problem)
New Lexus IS

I have a friend with a CLK320... I've been in it several times before. After driving the C class tonight, I've come decided that my experience with the CLK was not a false one.

Not impressed.

The CLK was very plasticy inside. The plastic look and felt hard, the leather was ok, no better than the Ridgeline that's for sure. The car was not quiet, and it didn't have that "ooooo" factor.

So tonight we drove a 2006 C230.
The interior layout was nice. The dash was pretty. But leather was hard and rough, the Ridgeline was softer.

The car was louder than the Ridgeline on the road.

The car was built solid, yes. No hint of a rattle, but then again, it was BRAND new.

The car felt under powered. 2.5liter V6 with 200hp and 189lb-ft of torque. The auto tranny was slow to kick down. Drive train was smooth, but certainly not powerful.

The trouble with this car(to me) is that it costs so much. Base price is $29.9k. But that doesn't come with anything. Moonroof, option; HID, option; CD changer, option; Nav, option. If you spec'd it out to like the TSX with NAV, it would be in the $35k range, while the TSX is $29k. I would be willing to pay $2k more for the name, but not $6k.

Nice car, over priced. Seriously, the Ridgeline was noticably quieter, and it's a TRUCK. Oh and "it's just a Honda". ;) I mean, what does honda know about building cars right? :rolleyes: :D
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Take a look at the new 2006 Honda Accord EX V6 with Navi. I got mine loaded to the hilt and walked away at $27,850. It has most all of the toys that the others have including beautiful wood trim (new wood this year), navi, leather (gorgeous, supple leather and great interior), sun/moonroof, TRIP COMPUTER, kewl storage, awesome airbag coverage, VSA, heated seats, a wonderful dash set up, plus it is a Honda, did I mention it is a Honda?

I previously drove a Lexus 4 series and I am happy with the Accord, if that tells you anything.

Good Luck!
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