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Personally, I find this kind of stuff interesting. But some guys will look at this and say WTF?

How accurate is a $14 volt gauge from Chinese supplier "Yoosoo?
Are their published specifications true?
Does it operate in the 0 to 35VDC range?
Does it really pull only 10mA?
Is it's circumference 36.5mm?

The lower range of this gauge is right around 3.85 at which point it displayed 4.13. So far, accuracy is >94%. Anything below 3.8V and the display went blank. At that level, it needs about 8mA to stay alive.

20150514_155003.jpg 20150514_155032.jpg

This laboratory power supply has an upper limit of about 17.4V. The gauge handled it with no problem and indeed required only 10mA to show that level to the user.


Down where automotive power lives, it does just fine. I'm gonna call it 99.57032086419% accurate. LOL

20150514_155135.jpg 20150514_160047.jpg

The gauge is pretty small so installing it just about anywhere shouldn't present much of a challenge. It's supposed to be waterproof too, but I ain't testing that. The USB cable included in this image provides a size reference.


So where's it gonna go? Not sure yet. It'll probably find a home somewhere close to the amps on the cab wall. It'll display terminating voltage at the power distribution block - triggered on with the amps - visible when the drivers side rear seat is folded up, or something.

Geek much? Yep.

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I have one of these for on the boat. It plugs into the cigarette socket and provides 2 USB charging ports. It works quite well.

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