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downhill grade logic and ability to hold a gear

Full disclosure I don't own a Ridgeline but I would really like to replace my Lexus GX with one. I am hoping that they add the following items to US Ridgelines that supposedly the Canadian vehicles have:
- Heated windshield
- Ventilated front seats
- Power folding mirrors
- Rear climate control panel
- Reverse tilting mirrors
- Heated rear seats
- CD player
- Rain sensing wipers
- locking tailgate

But here is the real question - The Ridgeline when I looked at it does not appear to have an ability to pick a gear. No paddle shifters, no ability via the shifter, didn't see a sport mode, etc. I like the ability to hold a gear going downhill. How have individuals found the Ridgeline going downhill with a load? I am hoping the grade logic is aggressive. In our Audi's there is excellent grade logic (but these are cars and not towing) and depending on whether you are in sport or normal the aggressively of the system is different. The Lexus has the ability to pick any gear and for me the grade logic doesn't come into play much here.

I think this ability to control the vehicle on the downhill towing is especially important in those steep downhill mountain roads. Without the ability to hold a gear when there is a downhill and then a short level area the short level area will release the lower gear and then when entering the next downhill section there is at a minimum that short time period that the vehicle can seem like a roller coaster depending on the vehicle. Then it is all brakes until the vehicle helps with some engine braking but most of the time I have noticed the engine braking is not that aggressive.

To give a little more detail I am talking about forest service roads that can have greater descents and twisty characteristics with flats and steeps.

How would you feel pulling 5000 pounds downhill? Thanks for the IKE site, it is really informative.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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