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Re: downhill grade logic and ability to hold a gear

I am hoping that they add the following items to US Ridgelines that supposedly the Canadian vehicles have:

- Heated windshield
- Ventilated front seats
- Power folding mirrors
- Rear climate control panel
- Reverse tilting mirrors
- Heated rear seats
- CD player
- Rain sensing wipers
- locking tailgate

But here is the real question - The Ridgeline when I looked at it does not appear to have an ability to pick a gear. No paddle shifters, no ability via the shifter, didn't see a sport mode, etc. I like the ability to hold a gear going downhill.
Don't look for those Canadian-exclusive features anytime soon. The US-spec Ridgeline RTL-E and Black Edition have reverse tilting mirrors. No Ridgeline has a locking tailgate.

The shifter has a D4 button which limits the transmission to 4th gear. It is used for engine braking. It also has an "L" position which limits the transmission to 2nd gear when accelerating from a stop. If you shift into "L" while the vehicle is moving faster than the maximum speed for the current gear, it will downshift to the lowest gear possible based on the speeds below. The "L" position is used for additional engine braking where D4 is insufficient.

Gear - Maximum Speed
1 - 39 MPH
2 - 62 MPH
3 - 88 MPH
4 - 112 MPH
5 - 112 MPH
6 - 112 MPH

The maximum speeds in gears 1-3 are RPM-limited. The maximum speeds in gears 4-6 are governor-limited.

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I still can't get over the engine running at WOT for extended periods and it not blowing up, but that's just my perspective from someone who has never towed anything larger than the smallest U-Haul trailer to move a sofa using a 4-cylinder Ford Ranger. :)
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