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Riding in to work this morning, cruising the last mile or two, half checked out thinking about the work day, when a red streak blasts past. Catching an impression of color and form, it's a 62 Vette stretching her legs!

VTEC engaged in an attempt to catch the rocket that just passed . She looks sweet.


But something is odd about this hot rod


As I got closer, her exhaust could be heard. And her shape started to morph. That ain't no 62!


Sadly, she pulled to the east on a residential street before I could see her face. She's a Purdy gal. The windshield rake gives her bloodline away. Appears to be a creative interpretation of a classic sitting on modern under pinnings. Could swear I've seen this thing somewhere, a magazine or net article or car show. So familiar. That's one shapely ride.

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