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The Fast Lane Truck Ridgeline G2 Towing MPG Test

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Here is a link to the TFL Truck (The Fast Lane Truck) 2017 Honda Ridgeline Highway Towing MPG Review...

Again a person has to keep in mind where these guys are towing in the high thin air...but so are all the other trucks, too. ;)

Also, I noticed how the Computer's MPG reading were again more "positive" than actual hand calculation...but still it was closer than when empty (or my normal experience of being off about by about 2 MPG) :)

Then they also talk about squat...but it sure seems to me that the RL squats so much less than any of our previous trucks...with the RL I feel no need to add Air Bags to it...where I added Air Bags to all our Tundra's and our one Tacoma. So that's been my thought when having between 900 - 1,200 lbs in the back (just seems to distribute weight better by my eye). ;)

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If you only watch the video, you will miss some important details provided in the article. While the G2 RL returned decent mileage, it was towing a smaller, lighter, and more aerodynamic trailer than the Duramax Canyon:

We hitched a 4,800 lbs CM Trailers Stocker to it and ran our standard 100-mile highway MPG loop. This particular trailer weight basically maxes out the Ridgeline.... However, the trailer itself is narrow enough to see around in a midsize truck and reduces aerodynamic drag with a curved front section.

The best ever towing highway MPG we ever got was in a 2016 GMC Canyon Duramax at 12.3 MPG, and that was a larger and heavier trailer (5,600 lbs). Can the Ridgeline beat it with a smaller trailer?

Spoiler alert: the Ridgeline got 11.5 MPG at the pump, which is a very respectable result, considering that we run all of our highway towing tests at 70 MPH.
2017 Honda Ridgeline AWD Highway Towing MPG Loop Review [Video] - The Fast Lane Truck
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