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I've logged a few more miles in the Gladiator. So, I feel that I can comment better on the differences between the Gladiator and the 2G Ridgeline.
Note that I have the Overland trim of the Gladiator and had the RTL-T in the Ridgeline.


Around town, there is no real difference for me. They both ride fine. Visibility is just as good in the Gladiator as it was in the Ridgeline (although I'm probably much more visible to others since my Gladiator is Punk'n orange). Size comparison is also similar, so things like parking etc is the same. I do hate the stop/start function in the Gladiator, but I believe the new Ridgelines have that now too.

On the highway, the Gladiator rides more like a truck (I expected that based on the axles). Don't get me wrong, its not bad by any means, but it is more noticeable than the Ridgeline (for obvious reasons I don't need to state). Especially coming from 13 years of driving 'Ridges. There is also more road noise in the Gladiator than the Ridgeline had (I don't mean tire noise). But, that is a known Jeep trait and partially due to the removable tops (I have the hardtop.)

I have also noticed that the Gladiator steering appears "somewhat loose" compared to the Ridgeline. Now that I think about it, I never really paid attention to the steering in the Ridgeline - because you didn't have to. The Gladiator needs minor inputs/corrections on the highway. I did read that it may be due (to some extent) to the tire pressure. Most owners have dropped pressure down a couple pounds and it remedies this for them. I still have to give that a try.

The Ridgeline got better gas mileage. I knew that going in to the new Gladiator. Although, that wasn't a major concern for me as I only logged 20K miles in 3 1/2 years in the Ridgeline.

Some of the pros I find for the Gladiator:

1. Reverse camera is larger, crystal clear and offers a great close-up view for hitching a trailer (I have the tow package)

2. I like the driver's seating position better. You sit higher and get a better view. I think the overall seat comfort is comparable with the Ridgeline.
I had/have the leather interior in both.

3. There is a three piece removable top in the Gladiator. Nothing to compare to Ridgeline.

4. Rear doors open wider from factory on the Gladiator (I know about the 2G door hack)

5. All the doors come off the Gladiator. Again, can't compare.

6. The Gladiator's super lightweight tailgate (aluminum) can be held opened in 3 different dropped positions.

6. Although doors are lighter, they appear to shut much nicer (I know, it sounds stupid but I immediately noticed it)

7. The 8.4" radio in the Gladiator offers a bunch of features that the Ridgeline does not. The GPS appears much better and and the radio sounds better too (to me at least).

8. Greater towing capacity (depends on trim, clutch vs automatic etc. Mine is stated to tow 6344 lbs)

Some of the pros of the Ridgeline:

1. Back seat area is similar in size in both trucks, but the actual seat cushions are larger in the Gladiator, so they take up more room when put in the up position. My rear seats were in the up position 99% of the time of the Ridgeline. So, its easy to notice there is more room in the Ridgeline.

2. There is plenty of storage in the Ridgeline. The Gladiator has much less storage, especially in the cabin (they do sell aftermarket storage that helps).

3. The Ridgeline has the trunk. I really, really liked that. (My Gladiator has a lockable under rear seat storage box.)

4. Did I mention the Ridgeline trunk..... oh yeah I already did. But, that's how much I miss it :)

5. Plastic vs metal bed. I liked that I had no worries of a rusted out bed in the Ridgeline. Time will tell on the Gladiator.

6. As I already mentioned, the cabin is quieter in the Ridgeline. Although, there are (optional) factory interior headliners offered for the Gladiator (I didn't know about that when I bought it) that helps to reduce interior temps/noise. I will be getting a set of them.

7. The Ridgeline Swing out tailgate- very convenient when loading heavy objects.

Things that are different between them trucks but not a big deal to me:

1. No power seats in the Gladiator (I really don't adjust my drivers seat often anyways)

2. Step up to get into the Gladiator which I like so far.

3. As mentioned, the Gladiator is SLIGHTLY more bouncy but expected in a Jeep (and nothing compared to my '84 CJ)

I'm sure over time, I will find other differences to point out. But, these are some things off the top of my head so far. Its really too early to determine if I'll regret the change. It will probably take a few months as I typically don't log that many miles a year.

I do think that the Gladiator will be more of a fun vehicle overall. I don't think I will get bored with it as quick because there is so much more that you can do to a Jeep.

In the end, I really loved my (3) Ridgelines. They were 100% reliable and easy to drive. However, like I've mentioned before, it was time for a change.
I do hope that the Gladiator is as reliable as the Ridgelines were for me. 馃
Congrats - that's super nice, and why not indulge a little? Really good feedback too - thanks. Best of luck!

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I don't think the Gladiator's interior looks cheaper. Just different than what I've had in the Ridgelines
My interior perceptions are partially due to the Gladiator not being as 'finished' (likely due to the fact that it is meant to come apart).
For instance, the door latch / striker plate is completely exposed to the cabin, along with the bare steel door skins.


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^^^ I like your screen name. When I saw my Alerts, it said "Pleease replied to the thread...." that caught my attention.
Haha...I might have a slight tendency toward sarcasm :).

You have a unique moniker too. Are you typically the low bidder?

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You have a unique moniker too. Are you typically the low bidder?
I never not have one (or more) Honda that is lowered. This goes back several decades. Current Accord is lowered. Current Ody is not.

If I get a RL, not sure if I will lower it... I'm still new and learning about the RL.
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