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Here are the exact words from Cheri at Agricover:

Okay here is the exact words from the tech guy. Hope it clears things up for you.

This is a summary of installation. Allow approximately 2 hours time at professional installers. The three wall panels inside the box need to be removed (2 sides and 1 front). Then 3 pilot holes are drilled in each wall panel (location per clear instructions). Then 3 metal brackets (from cover kit) are mounted to the exposed metal structure of box for the sides. The wall panels are then re-installed. The pilot holes are now there to line up the Access Cover side frames. You drill self drilling screws through the pre-punched holes in cover rails and pilot holes in side wall panels – the screws will attach Into the metal brackets bolted on earlier. From there you mount the cover similar to all Access models.



Agricover, Inc
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