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They are asking how much??

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Can't believe the prices for used RLs right now. I thought they were high last year and they are even worse now! Example. Last year I purchased a 2013 Sport with 8,000 miles on it for $26,500. 1 year later now and yesterday I saw the same dealer has a 2014 Sport with 21,000 miles on it and they are asking $29,995. I looked at my wife and said, my gosh....the sticker on these things was only a tick above 30 or so. I can't believe they are still going for that much. That is awesome and I hope it stays high like that for re-sale value down the road, but I have the feeling it will drop a bit once the new model comes out. We will see! Either way, I am keeping my RL for 10+ years.
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I've been selling our spare 2012 and 2013 RTLs with Navi with 5000 miles for around 29500 cash during last 12 months. Easy sales to locals and most are sold via Craigslist.
I've said this numerous times ... asking price is not the same as selling price. Do NOT believe that those highly inflated prices are firm, they can be negotiated.

An example, I purchased my former 11 model RT in 12 as a CPO. After nearly 3 years I reluctantly let it go for a larger tow vehicle (F250).

My original purchase was for $22,300 (plus $600 in fees = $22900). Newest dealer had it on the internet as a "special" at $22,990 (and now non CPO).

Last week (now several months later) I went by the dealer and inquired what they sold it for. They would only admit to well under $20K.
I periodically check the website for my local mega-dealer (Motorworld, Wilkes-Barre PA) and rarely see any Ridgelines. I'm noticing though that the prices on used Honda Crosstours dip much lower than say the used Pilots or CRVs. As much as I'd love a second generation Pilot, I'm thinking a used Crosstour might eventually replace my 2007 Toyota Highlander.
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