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Can't believe the prices for used RLs right now. I thought they were high last year and they are even worse now! Example. Last year I purchased a 2013 Sport with 8,000 miles on it for $26,500. 1 year later now and yesterday I saw the same dealer has a 2014 Sport with 21,000 miles on it and they are asking $29,995. I looked at my wife and said, my gosh....the sticker on these things was only a tick above 30 or so. I can't believe they are still going for that much. That is awesome and I hope it stays high like that for re-sale value down the road, but I have the feeling it will drop a bit once the new model comes out. We will see! Either way, I am keeping my RL for 10+ years.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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