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My fix: With the front on stands, wheels off, I put jacks (scissor or screw type for controlled descent) under both rear frame mounts below firewall and removed the bolts (2each side),.then loosened the front about an inch (3 bolts ea side) so the rear could tilt down without binding. Then I lowered the rear frame (w/ engine and trans) gradually, going side to side half an inch or so at a time until I had about 3" clearance. I then used a rotary tool to grind about a 1/4" recess in the corner of the frame at the point of contact. I also rounded the corresponding edge of the control arm mount for about 1/8" of daylight between the two when reinstalled. I also added a 1/16" thick hard rubber gasket to thicken (and dampen) the rubber sub-frame mount a bit. Voila! Thumping is gone. Rides smooth and quiet as a Bentley (after other insulation upgrades). Just need to double my HP!
I also have an 06 with similar thumping (though only/mostly on the passenger side — and it’s not the washer fluid reservoir) even after replacing the stabilizer bar links and the front stabilizer bar bushings. When getting my tires replaced, I was told that the control arm bushings needed replacing but the tire shop said that those worn out control arm bushings wouldn’t cause any thumping noises.

Your fix sounds pretty involved. How hard was it and how long did it take you? Any photos or diagrams of the metal on metal contact point?
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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