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From the Honda Service News Bulletin:

On or after August 17, 2022, when the system’s internal calendar recalibrates, the GPS time signal becomes valid again. The clock will show the correct GPS time but most likely be off by 1 hour because the system’s internal calendar interprets the daylight saving time (DST) change incorrectly.

Now, the customer can adjust the time correctly, and it won’t be affected every time the vehicle’s power is cycled off and then on. The correct time will stay on through the next DST change based on the system internal calendar.

Good morning,

2010 RTL with 300G bought brand new. It's been a great medium sized truck. This is exactly what happened this morning. I reset the clock to the proper hour. Does anyone know how to reset the date? it still says January 2002. I tried it through the calendar, but it didn't work.
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