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The first computer I got to program was a Bendix G15 - It was slow, and rather hot to work with - it had about 450 vacuum tubes and a drum memory - It was at North Carolina State College (now University). It did every calculation in triplicate and 2 of the 3 had to agree. The bad one would have a red pop out breaker and you had to replace the tube before another one in the same module failed. If we were lucky we could get 5 hours before total failure. Sometimes failures were surprises - like the belt to the drum memory falling off or the ribbon on the Flex-o-writer breaking or someone crashing into a power pole causing an outage. I think if optimum programming was done, you could get 200-250 instructions per minute. Here is a link to the Bendix Computer. It was retired after the Civil Engineer that used it found that the same program running on an IBM 360/40 would take 3 minutes and not 5 hours. We got to learn on it until the boxes of vacuum tubes that ere bought to keep it running were used up and it went into storage. The peripherals got recycled into other projects. The average cell phone does as much work in 5 minutes as the Bendix could do if it were plugged in in 1959 and ran for 60 years non-stop. It took 5 220V 40A circuits to run our G15.
Ours had paper tape, punched cards (IBM 026 keypunch) a flex-o-writer and a plotter. I re-wrote the plotter software to optimize the calculations - I almost doubled the speed of the plotter.

It was replaced by an IBM 1620 and that by an IBM 1130.

I also debugged code for SAS - Tony (Anthony) Barr and Jim (James) Goodnight ran one of the 2 IBM 1130 computers and I worked on both 1130's at NCSU. Barr and Goodnight started the SAS institute - like a fool - I did not go to work for them - I got sucked into the Unix World and did not see but a few SAS users - boy was I wrong. I did communications work for years and used equipment from Barr Hasp Systems as Tony Barr left SAS to teach in Florida and started a Software/Hardware company. Tony Barr wrote most of the HASP interleaving software for the IBM 1130 and a few others. I got to look at the core dumps when it went wrong.
101 - 102 of 102 Posts
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