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I've seen plenty of posts of individuals post about going 120k, 150k and even further on the Timing Belt, as for the Spark Plugs, If it were me I'd merely check the torque and not worry about them at all. I changed my timing belt early, but my mileage was extremely low and is getting lower now that I'm oncall monthly (assigned a company vehicle for a week)

Your biggest concern should be fluid changes and changing out the Radiator, because of SMOD (Strawberry Milkshake of Death). It is where the OTW cooler in the Radiators OEM (Denso supplied) fittings fail and coolant and ATF mix. If your even slightly handy or know someone who is it's is a 2-4hr job (I'm slow because I start inspecting everything) There are Radiators from KOYO, SPECTRA, CSF and others and here are plenty of threads to start your reading.

All the following threads are on Transmission/Radiator issues.

Radiator Failure @ Cooler Lines

Best Radiator Replacement

Pictures of Corroded/Rusted Radiator Fittings

Radiator Fail on 2006


Anatomy of OEM Denso Radiator

Poll(Never Posted) on Radiator/Trans Cooler Solution
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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