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Different tires different size you MUST do your home work. They put them WIDER tires on that truck for looks thats my opinion. And it rubbed from the looks and isnt much different than then the old RL VERY limited if one doesnt want to cut and grind. I have the Truxx level lift kit 1.5 rear 2.0 front with 245-70/17 Mich. LTX II. No rub no grind no cut no problem and gained a true 1.5" clearance ( 1" with lift and .5" tire).That Mich. I see it MIGHT work with a RL without a lift. I never had a wider tire but seems they have more rubbing issues then my tires which are the same as stock but 1" taller. You must look at tire specs before a purchase to see in they meet what you want. No one is going to stick their neck out and tell you this or that tire will work so buy it. The old RL tire fitment chart is a start. Id hate to see you make up to a $1000 dollar mistake.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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