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Tonneau Cover Companies

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I emailed some of the most known Tonneau Cover companies to see witch one would make a Tonneau Cover for the Ridgeline. Here are the responses I got:

BAK Industries:
We will be coming out with the Honda Ridgeline RollBak cover very soon. We anticipate it being approx. 2 weeks.


BAK Industries
Customer Service
(818) 764-0031

Extang Tonneau covers:
Thanks for your interest in Extang. We most likely won't make a cover for that truck. It has a very funny bed on it.

Sport Masters Tonneau Covers :

Unfortunately, we are unable to make an application for this vehicle due to the
front bed rail. Thank you for your interest. Have a nice weekend.

Christine Showers
Account Representative
Sport Masters
[email protected]

Agri-Cover, Inc.:

Thank you for your interest in our Access Cover, sorry but the cover for the Honda Ridgeline is not yet available. It looks like it will be ready for orders about the second week of June. You can call then and we can help locate a dealer near you. 800-233-4655

Thank You
Cheri Krause
Agri-Cover, Inc.
701-253-6140 (direct line)
[email protected]

Lund International:
Unfortunately we will not be making a cover for the Ridgeline.

Thank you for including us in your search for this item.
We currently do not have any cover available yet. I do know that some of the companies that we carry are working on getting a cover out for that vehicle. I think something might be out by late summer. thanks andy

RETRAX Sales & Service:

We are in the development stages of a cover that will fit the Honda Ridgeline. Expected time frame is 2-3 weeks.
Price will be $889.
I can e-mail you when it is available.
We would direct ship it using Fed Ex or UPS.

Thank you for your interest in the RETRAX bed cover system.

RETRAX Sales & Service
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Thanks, great info!
I also got this response, I will post it again:

Thank you for expressing interest in Roll N Lock. Unfortunately, the Honda Ridgeline is not compatible with the Roll N Lock system. We will not be manufacturing an application for this particular truck.

Sorry we cannot help you.

Roll N Lock Corporation

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Will any of these cover lock ?

Can a lock be installed onto the tailgate ?
Retrax has some pictures out. I talked to Retrax today and ordered ($889 plus $48 shipping). The rail is mounted using two brackets that attach to one pre-existing bolt at the rear (see the picture) and to the ones holding the tiedown hook in the front. The box that holds the cover is 11 inches from the top of the cover. The top of the cover is at almost the same height as the top of the tailgate according to Retrax. The trunk lid does not open all the way because of the rails (see the picture).


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I like the easy install, maintenance and power lock. there is really no other competition now, am I right?

Too bad the trunk lid will not open all the way. Bummer.
It would be nicer if the lid lifted all the way, but go to the back of your truck and lift the lid until the wider part approaches what will be contact with the side rails. It's actually as far open as I would ever need it to be. I don't think that is going to be a concern for us. This looks like the one to buy.
I tested the lid opening, it is acceptable but not ideal. the lid opens enough to get things out of the trunk but you will have to bend down to avoid the lid.
The Agri-Cover Access Cover tonneau is supposed to be available next week. MSRP is $489 but a local dealer has quoted me a price of $399. I'm attaching a picture that I got from Cheri.


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Please try to get more pictures and info on this. I am unwilling to spend 900 to 1500 for a cover that I don't really need but 400 for this is really interesting.

Does if retract or do you manually roll it back?

Does it interfere with the in bed trunk lid?

Is the price installed or just parts?

How much is shipping?


Thanks in advance.
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All your questions should be answered on It's a fabric soft cover, with round battens, that rolls up manually.
Thanks for the Agricover, suitable alternative for some.

I emailed and they wll Not be making one for us.
I put my Access Cover on order today. I went to the local dealer who quoted me a price of $399 and checked out how it operates and I think that it'll fit my needs just fine. I've got some more pictures from Agri-Cover for you guys to check out.

This cover is rolled up manually. It has round tube type support beams. On the end is a stiff plate that snaps down into the end of the rails and keeps the whole thing taught. The sides are sealed down with velcro. It looks pretty watertight, though not completely waterproof (a pressure washer could probably get water past it). The vinyl is pretty thick and looks sturdy.

If you buy it from Agri-Cover the price will be $489 plus shipping. I'm paying $399 plus tax from a local dealer. The other local dealer (actually a chain as opposed to the single store I'm buying from) quoted $449. The place I'm buying from would charge $40 for installation, the other place charges $36. I'll be installing it myself anyway.

The pictures I'm posting will answer your questions about the trunk lid. Basically, the rails on this cover have the same problems of all the other aftermarket covers so far. I have hope though that since these rails don't have rollers running through them that I may be able to reinforce them (maybe by adding attachment points to the bed) and trim them back so that the trunk lid will open fully.

I'll post more pictures once I get it installed. The dealer said to expect it in about 3 weeks since the factory said it would be available next week. He doesn't expect this to be an item that their distributor will keep in stock because there hasn't been much demand (or so he says). I guess I'm one of 2 Ridgeline owners they've ever seen, and both of us came in today. The other guy was looking for a ladder rack!


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Anyone know where I can see one near northern Virginia? For sure want the lowest price and am willing to install it myself. It really looks good in the pictures!
Here are the exact words from Cheri at Agricover:

Okay here is the exact words from the tech guy. Hope it clears things up for you.

This is a summary of installation. Allow approximately 2 hours time at professional installers. The three wall panels inside the box need to be removed (2 sides and 1 front). Then 3 pilot holes are drilled in each wall panel (location per clear instructions). Then 3 metal brackets (from cover kit) are mounted to the exposed metal structure of box for the sides. The wall panels are then re-installed. The pilot holes are now there to line up the Access Cover side frames. You drill self drilling screws through the pre-punched holes in cover rails and pilot holes in side wall panels – the screws will attach Into the metal brackets bolted on earlier. From there you mount the cover similar to all Access models.



Agricover, Inc
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Based on the picture, it allows the trunk lid to come all the way up?
Others apparently interfere with the lid...
RidgeInMaine said:
Based on the picture, it allows the trunk lid to come all the way up?
Others apparently interfere with the lid...
It looks to me to be about the same restriction as the Retrax cover. I don't think that the amount the track interferes is ever going to make a difference with our use of the trunk. I'm going with the Retrax because it seems more secure.
Has anyone ever used one of those covers that snap on over the truck bed? While it isn't lockable and you can't stand on it, it also probably doesn't cost nearly as much as these other covers do. It seems as if 99% of the time it would do just fine for what I need.
i heard that back industries will be coming out witha a cover that would enable the trunk to open fully unlike the retrax. I call them but the tech guy that answer wasn't much help. Has anybody heard anything else?
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