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I have the Factory Hard Tonneau Cover for Gen 1 Ridgeline.
Truck will be 9years old next month had it installed at time of delivery.
It has held up well over the years the Mickey Mouse key lock that came with it was no good. I did not have aftermarket tailgate locking system installed like some others. It is a fold section cover the back section folds over two handle latches secure the rear section closed. It was designed if needed to be taken off in a pinch could fit in rear seating area with seats folded or can even go in bed itself depending on what your hauling.
Over the year I have kept it looking pretty good by using Turtle Wax Ice liquid.
But a few years ago I tried the Wipe New product you get at Walmart & other stores. This seems to keep it looking the best for the longest amount of time.
I hope the OEM Tonneau is not overpriced like it was before. the only issue with it was the cheap lock.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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