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I've been researching this truck since early spring, as my lease is up in April 2017.

I put in an order awhile ago, with the hopes it would come in on time.

Yesterday, I did a quick search and there were 3 white / beige RTL-E in 500 miles. I emailed on one and they had just got it in. I told them that I would pick it up today if they drop the price 2k since I have about 1200 left on my lease. They initially said no, but their website already had it listed at the discount so they honored it.

Ended up paying 40,209 plus tax and at 2.4 % interest rate. I think the rate is pretty good...But perhaps I could have done better. I didn't purchase any additional plans.

So I'm pretty happy overall. Will post pics in the appropriate thread soon.
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