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For me it was the singers, you know, like in the ad for the Accord. They came out of nowhere. I was transfixed. I was really shopping for a vehicle for my wife to replace our 2009 Sienna. It’s all so confusing.

The other thing was I had a woman salesperson that had a British accent. I’m a sucker for a British accent.

I was bored with my 2011 Camry.

I had not driven a truck since the mid eighties and was beginning to feel a bit unmanly, so I bought a Ridgeline. Bwaa.

I had to by something new before I retire and become poor.

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I was already thinking of trading in my 2011 Buick Regal for a mid-sized crossover... funny thing was every time I wanted to buy a particular vehicle the salesman would rub me the wrong way. For example "you should buy this trim level" or "don't buy what you think you want in the brochure, buy this one that is right here but doesn't have everything you want"... etc.
Then the BE Ridgeline started popping up here in Canada and it had the room I needed, drove like a crossover, had all the options that were in my Buick (and more), had the fuel economy that worked for my commute, AND it had a usable truck bed for weekend projects :)

I sound like a fanboy but I really do like this truck and there are some things they didn't get right (i was surprised no timing chain, also it would be nice to have dual injection but this is new new tech stuff, better towing, locking diff, better ground clearance, 360 view cams), but they are out weighed by the stuff I really need.

PS I really don't think I'd ever use the truck bed audio feature.

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1. Always liked the practicality and utility of the G1, but wasn't in love with the design or mpg. The G2 design and MPG are both much improved which caught my attention.

2. I was close to buying a Ram 1500 Ecodiesel which I still like, but I knew the Ridgeline was a perfect fit for my every day needs.

3. The trunk is great!

4. After sitting in a Tacoma, it reminded me of my old Ranger, very cramped inside. That was fine for me back in my 20's, but at 34 going on 35 with our first kid on the way, the G2 cabin room was borderline full-size crew cab territory.

5. Financially it was a smarter decision than the full size trucks I was considering, both up front cost and longterm costs including fuel economy, maintenance, etc.
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1. I wanted a truck, but didn't want to deal with a full size on a daily basis when I don't have any need of the additional capability. It was also really important that it fit in my garage!

2. It is a very comfortable vehicle. The seats are nice, ride quality is good and the interior is spacious. Although we'll see how that goes when we try to fit to a second kid in along with the dog.

3. My 1997 Blazer was really starting to wind down at 197k miles. It was a super reliable vehicle for me which was pushing me towards a GM originally, but for some reason when I thought of the Colorado/Canyon it felt like a compromise. Mostly in the interior space where I read reports of difficulty with car seats. It felt narrower (which it is) and I wasn't super excited about the engine. Brand loyalty is real, but I managed to escape!

4. AWD. Dealing with long winters with variable conditions its nice that I won't have to worry about switching between 4x4 and rear wheel drive when going between icy/snowy and dry sections of pavement.

5. Speed! The great engine combined with nice handling makes it fun to drive for such a large vehicle.

6. The trunk is really cool and innovative!

7. My wife liked it!

8. As much as I want to pretend I'm an off-roader I finally came to grips with the fact that I don't venture far off road.

9. Oh only said 5 so I'll stop :grin:

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1.) Needed a truck for extra hauling. More than our SUV.

2.) Chose the RL because it is the safetiest.

3.) V6 yo!

4.) AWD, because you know... Canada.

5.) Honda's perks. Tech. Sensing. Reliability. HondaHondaHondaHondaHondaHonda

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1) Better fuel economy
2) Updated media interface (bluetooth/carplay)
3) Always wanted a black vehicle and the BE called my name
4) Previous G1 owner with 86K miles and avoiding any service
5) Didn't know it at time of purchase, but Adaptive Cruise Control!

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5. I have an addiction to always having a "new" vehicle still under factory warranty.

4. I just like Ridgelines (I'm on my 4th one).

3. Despite their recent and current problems, I still believe Honda is one of the smartest choices.

2. 99% of the time I need a small, efficient car. 1% of the time I need a pickup with an open bed to carry something that simply won't fit in other types of vehicles.

And, the number 1 reason I bought a 2017 Ridgeline - so I could fully participate on the Ridgeline Owner's Club, of course! :)

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1. I have a 2008 RTL with 150,000 miles and never a mechanical issue and wanted to upgrade
2. The increased fuel economy
3. I'm a big fan of the new technology, love the idea of the Honda Sensing
4. I need a pickup it seems like I always have something to take some place and did not want a full size F-150 or Dodge I wanted to stay with a midsize
5. After comparing the ride and features to the Chevy options the Ridgeline was the clear cut choice

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1. Kids are out of the house, now empty nesters. The family van is now gone.:laugh:

2. Fits in garage. Full size would have been too tight. Didn't need a full size anyway.

3. Honda's reputation. We love our CRV. Daughter and in-laws have CRVs. Everyone we know with a Honda haven't had problems with them.

4. Fuel economy. About the same as our previous mini-van.

5. Style. I like everything, inside and out.

This truck fit our needs perfectly.

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1 - Comfortable and roomy Interior (im tall and i had the most head room in the RL)
2 - Quiet Ride
3 - Good MPG for a truck
4 - Performance, it has a good 0-60 for a mid truck and i like passing power :)
5 - Offroad capability (i-VTM4), i know it has bad clearance but i plan to lift kit it ASAP and with better tires i have no doubt it will be better than any other midsize offroad

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1. I don't regularly carry cinder blocks, haul Airstream trailers or drive over boulders
2. It was the right size
3. It had all the features I wanted
4. It is comfortable and quiet
5. It feels like a premium vehicle not a fancy work truck

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1.) Satisfied owner of 4 previous Ridgelines, and their snowy vacation performance.

2.) Thoroughly impressed with updates in the '17 Ridgeline.

3.) Wanted a new pickup that handled and performed more like my wife's Odyssey... I.e., mpg, ride, quality, & power of the new Ridgeline!

4.) Easy enter exit of roomy cab, & parking in one simple single motion.

5.) AWD, Urban hauler, capable of towing & launching/retrieving a 22' lake boat and pontoon.


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In case anyone is dying to know, here's the top 5 reasons I DIDN'T buy the G2: (in order of importance to ME)

1) Too small, inside & out. I need more room, inside & out.

2) Horrible Honda info-tainment systems. Just horrible.

3) Value. What you get, for what you pay.

4) Truck capability. Just not enough.

5) Style. Waaaaay too girlie.

In spite of all that, it's still a solid mid-size pick for many.

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1) Its a Honda.
2) It dosent ride like a "truck".
3) It's as comfortable and quiet as my previous TSX.
4) Technologically advanced compared to other trucks i was looking at aka the Colorado/Canyon. (I have an RTL-T, so we know what features that comes with)
5) When your driving it, you dont realize you have a bed in the back which is the best part.
6) Being 6'5 it fit me the best.
7) Great gas mileage for a truck.
8) Its diffrent, you gotta be a special breed to own a Ridgeline.
9) The I-VTM4 system.

I can go on and on but ill stop here.

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1. Was going to buy a Tacoma TRD Pro, but my Wife LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the Ridgeline. So, I figure she can drive it most of the time. This allows me to have a truck and whatever else I want. :)
2. I love the interior.
3. Comfortable ride
4. Functionality. I Like the trunk and flip up seats.
5. Honda reputation for reliability and resale value.
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