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Topping Up The Fuel Tank

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After filling the fuel tank in my 2010 RT-L, the fuel gauge will not quite make it up to F. Call it 7/8ths. One day at the fuel pump, after filling the tank until the nozzle clicked off like usual, I decided to experiment with "topping up the tank" by dribbling fuel in at the slowest rate at which the pump would dispense. I thought maybe I'd squeeze in a few ounces. By the time the fuel finally inched up to the top of the filler neck, I'd added over 3 more gallons. Sure enough, the gauge was now just over the F mark. Call it 9/8ths. After that fill, I drove over 60 miles before the fuel range indicator started to count down. I've tried the same thing several times since then, and each time I've been able to add the same amount of extra fuel regardless of the ambient temperature. Now, I don't have the patience to stand at the pump and do the dribble every time I fill, but I will do it on long road trips to reduce the number of required fuels stops. Has anyone else experienced this "hidden" fuel capacity?
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Yes, it's been posted and discussed multiple times.

But your risking damage to the evaporate system

I know there is more threads, and in a few there are some images showing the fuel system components. I'll have to fire up a PC, and see if I have any images, I believe I do. Maybe another member has some specific details.

I'm by no means saying not to do it, my method was actually much simpler, and was used to make "turn around trips" from here to LV. (Such as pick up or drop off someone at the airport on Xmas day) I have a 2.5 gal gas can that I used for my lawn mower, and I have filled the spare can, then filled to the first click at the pump. Took the G1 home, and topped up with a full 2.5 - 2.6 gallons at home before driving about 190 (1-way), or about 380 +/- Roundtrip.

Do I do it often, no. Would I do it again, yes, because I end up with a 400-425 final range, and can buy fuel at a known location, with a known quality (yes I've bought overpriced fuel at an isolated desert station and later had fuel system problems, just not with the G1), and not had to stop in the middle of the night, and learn a station is closed. Additionally, now I can tell the price & location of a fuel station, in LV from the driveway at home, not as easy in say 2005 when I first purchased my G1.
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Filling it up much beyond click off will result in a flooding of the charcoal cannister / evaporative emissions control system. You may well get a trouble code as the result.
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Yes, because of those issues a few years back, I don't "overfill". I am guilty of "rounding off" to the nearest 25 cents. I know dumb and I've been doing it for years except when driving in Oregon.
I have technically (over filled) many times. But have never gone to the point of seeing fuel in filler neck. Just to point where the nozzle just keeps shutting off. For two reasons: 1. In summer time the fuel is much cooler then the temp outside and when it warms up and expands it can force a fuel leak and splllage.
2. It can force a problem with the fuel emissions system, fuel can be forced to go places it not supposed to be.
When I do (top off) it's only when I'm going to drive somewhere and not let truck sit and get hot. But yes you can add a couple more gals in.?

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I guess my understanding of the search tool in the Forum is lacking, as I couldn't find prior threads discussing this. Well, that's not my only limitation. Thanks, Carsmak for your insights.
Thanks ROBSRTL, feetdry and eurban for noting the potential damage. I'll curtail the practice of topping up. But it's tempting for long road trips!
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