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Torque Value Needed (Rear Subframe)

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I recently bought my '11 Ridgeline in NH, so I had to get a Maine inspection sticker put on it.
When it was up on the lift this past weekend, we were checking everything out to see how it all looked. The tech noticed I was missing one of the rear subframe bolts, one of the main bolts that holds it to the truck. So I headed to the dealer to get a new one, which they had to order, and today I picked it up for $14. I have it installed now, and used my air impact gun to put it in..............but I would like to know what the actual torque value should be on it.

Anyone have this info, from the service manual?


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You wouldn't have either the Part Number or a Picture of this "Rear Suspension Carrier Bolt"

Wrong year, but it's number 6 in this diagram.
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I found 20-199, one of the 14 x 1.5mm bolts.

69 ft lbs

I'll get under there tomorrow and check it out.
Good Job, this is from the 06-08 FSM, but I can't imagine there were any changes.


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Yup, looks the same as the 2011 manual.

Not sure how I lost said they replaced a control arm on the truck when they took it in, so maybe the tech forgot to put it back in after or didn't tighten it and it fell out. I drove it for a month before finding this out, but the small "thump" is gone from the rear suspension now.........LOL
Yea, but next time I have mine on Jackstands, I'm checking the Torque on all of them. But if any are loose, I'd just buy some new ones since they look like they are Torque to Yield Bolts.
I checked mine this afternoon, all 4 are there...........and all 4 are at or above 69 ft lbs, it clicked as soon as I checked them.

So, I'm good for now............but I'll keep an eye on them going forward.
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