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towing mirrors

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Need feedback please!
Purchased a 19 foot travel camper last fall. Getting all my ducks in order for our first trip. Do not have any towing mirrors and would like to know if anyone towing a camper is using them, or if they are not. If you are, please post brand and model. Thank you all!
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these are what I use and they work pretty well.. Kind of a pain to get adjusted when you first put them on but work after all set up. I also have a 19 ft camper and can see the other lanes when using these.
Obviously it depends on what you're towing. I didn't need any additional mirrors pulling my utility trailer but I did pulling my camper.

These are what I happily used, and just sold last week (upgraded both camper and tow vehicle).
You'd need to be hard core to want to do this, but if you are towing all the time, this is what I found to be best I ever expeienced: "West Coast" style mirrors. I had them on a Suburban that was used primarily for towing & the visibility in them was absolutely fantastic!
Having said that, they wouldn't exactly "blend" with your RL appearance wise.
Here are some examples of what they are..... most are single rectangular mirror, but the ones I had were "dual" with a smaller square section below that was convex. The larger flat glass above is what makes you really comfortable however. The image at bottom gives you an idea of what I was looking at... it is similar to the arrangement I had, but mine was all metal (chrome) structure.
You'll have to put holes in your truck to mount these, and I'm not even sure how well they would mount on RL. BUT, I can say that the ones with the "tripod" type mountng & cross bar sit rock-solid on the door, while some others (just top & bottom bar) can tend to bounce a bit... especially on uneven road conditions. Probably more than you wanted, but it's food for thought.\specials\catalog0\32Retrac Mirrors130010302012.pdf

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I have an 18 foot camper and I use the mirrors that were mentioned first above. They are kind of a pain the first time you put them on. My biggest gripe is that they force my regular mirror to tilt down at an angle that makes them useless (2006 RL). It takes some getting used to to look a little further outside of the regular mirror. However, they provide good visibility and they don't move once they are in place. If you can mark them to know which side they were on after you take them off it makes the next install a lot faster and easier. I picked mine up from Napa

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Snow Camping... Yikes! Is that rig of yours nicely insulated?
Yes, yes it is. It was -18 two nights before that picture. 67 degrees inside.

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