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Towing Package Install

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Im looking to get the Towing package for my RL and was wandering if anyone has attempted to install it on their own yet??? I have downloaded the instructions and they look pretty dummy proof and I think I'll be able to install in myself and save some $. If you did install it yourself did you buy it through your local dealer or online? Where'd you get the best price?!
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This has been covered with a lot of advise on what to watch for and how to make it easier on yourself. It's always a good idea to check the Mods/Installs, Do it yourself thread or use search as not every install topic has been moved to the new category. Here's the link to get you started:

My nephew and husband installed ours. We were done in less than two hours and that included time to eat pizza. I'd read all the cautions and suggestions and we just followed the instructions. You're correct, Honda instructions are pretty straightforward and detailed. It's always nice to know where a person got hung up so you can try to avoid that pitfall.

We got our dealer to match the internet price. When we picked it up, the service dept. dropped a wee bit more off the price.

I took lots of photos, if you want to see them I can try to get some posted. It's likely that I'll be in a time crunch until about the 8th of June, though. If you're in a hurry to get it intalled, there is a link to a website one of the members of another forum (maybe he's on here too?) put together. He's got some good photos and I wish I'd seen his website before we put ours on, just to familiarize myself with the process more. I had nothing to worry about, however, because my nephew is not intimidated by anything to do with working on vehicles. He declared it a simple install and said he could do it in about 45 minutes w/o instructions if he were to put one on again.
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Thanks for the reply. I found the accessories forum right after I posted the question :)
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